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​(Pups 10-16 weeks) $15.00 drop-in (pups must have 2 sets of shots and guardians must bring records to each class) 

  A safe environment for puppy socialization, playtime, handling, beginning obedience exercises, and a question

  and answer period with our instructors.      

Wednesday 6:00 - 7:00 pm    


Start a course of action, especially one that is important

Raising your new best friend is and adventure and it’s incredibly important to start the journey off on the right foot.  That is why Unleashed! offers the very best start in training & socialization for your puppy!  Our EM-BARK Puppy classes are carefully designed to be the perfect foundation for your puppies’ crucial early learning. Let’s face it, we all want a social, well-trained and well-rounded canine family member. We all want a dog that we can take anywhere and will be polite and friendly to people, kids and other dogs. How do we help our dogs achieve that? The key to that is…. start early!




Elements: Ongoing obedience classes offering the ultimate in flexibility.

Our flexible schedule allows for you and your pup

To start at any time (after attending one of our people only orientation)

 To attend classes on different days & times 

 Miss a week without falling behind

Attend more frequently enhancing your learning experience.

 Allows your pup to learn and work at their own pace

Bonus: Want to concentrate on specific behaviors; you can attend that class multiple times.

This is a topic near and dear to our heart here at Unleashed, sometimes, life happens and your puppy gets a rough start in life, missing crucial socialization opportunities, or finding themselves in tough situations where they may have learned some naughty behaviors in order to cope. We see this all too often in our work with dogs, so we designed these one-on-one training and socialization sessions where your dog can safely learn to interact with our carefully selected and appropriate adult dogs, monitored by professional trainers. These sessions are great whether your pup is a bruiser, a wallflower or if you missed our Social Savvy classes.  
Our puppy-savvy adult dogs will help teach your pup manners, or they will draw your wallflower out of his shell and encourage him to play.  All the while you will be getting instruction on what is, and what is not, appropriate dog play.  In a controlled and friendly environment, your dog will develop important social skills to help him better communicate in the dog world, while having a great time and burning off some energy! We will also teach you to read your dog’s body language and how to spot signs of stress which will help you avoid trouble out in everyday situations. After the
initial session with you and your pup follow up session can be set up on a drop-off basis.

Arousal Management Program
Is walking your dog a nightmare?  Do you dread picking up the leash? We can help!

Our intensive AMP program is designed for you, whether your dog is reactive

or fearful with dogs or people.

AMP gives dogs a chance to learn to control their environment through peaceful means
using calming or alternative behaviors as rewards along with counter conditioning and desensitization.
Helps reduce fear and aggression by giving dogs socially acceptable behavior alternatives.
This training program is designed to alter your dog’s current behavior when a certain stimulus is in range.  For some dogs this stimulus is another dog or for other dogs it is a person.  This program can work with any stimulus that causes a reaction in your dog.  The program should be completed within 14-16 weeks to achieve maximum effect. 

​“Let us do the training” Unleashed! trainers work one on one with your dog building their obedience and realizing your goals for your dog.  Whether your dog is worked “out & about” or at home, they will have more skills, and even be worn out after each session.  At the end of the week, you will meet with your trainer and she will give you the necessary tools to take the new behaviors your pup has learned and run with it!


 The professionals do the work, so training is faster & more thorough.

You’re FREE to do something else, as we do the training while you’re at work

or running the kids from place to place.

 Behavior Issues can also be addressed durning Day Training

Behavior issues often require more personalized and specific information than can be provided in a group class. We have the experience to help you with a wide range of behavior challenges including:  


     Housetraining     Puppy Challenges     Excessive Barking   

      Shy or Fearful Behavior   Separation Anxiety   
  Aggression (to dogs or people)       


 Want a highly qualified professional to train your dog?
Then our board & train program (Doggie Boot Camp) is the answer for the discerning owners with demanding schedules who want the ultimate in training for their new companion. Since we only take one puppy at a time, you can rest easy, knowing your loved one is getting the ultimate in personal attention. Unleashed! offers three options for all your B&T needs.

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