Arousal Management Program


​Charlie and Virginia developed Arousal Management Program or A.M.P. a specialized program for working with and helping to solve behavior problems in dogs, including reactivity toward both dogs and people and fear and aggression issues. This training program is designed to alter your dog’s current behavior when a certain stimulus is in range.  For some dogs this stimulus is another dog, for other dogs it is a person. This program can work with any stimulus that causes reactivity in your dog. The program should be completed within 14-16 weeks to achieve maximum effect. 

Over the 14-16 week program we will meet as follows:
     Initial Consultation: a two hour meeting so we can get to know each other and your dog.  We will make sure AMP is the right option for you and your dog.  We will also agree on reasonable training goals and management measures to facilitate the training process.  You will learn some training exercises to get on your way to a rewarding and positive relationship; 
     7 thirty minute meetings working with you and your dog and the stimulus;
     8 Levels classes, 2 with a training coach (we only take this step if your dog is ready, otherwise we will continue working in thirty minute sessions with the stimulus).

The goal of this intensive program​ is to help your dog learn to deal with his/her arousal when a certain stimulus (dog or person) is in sight. We will also be training you to alter your response to the situations that have resulted in your dog’s problems. The goal will be to retrain both you and your dog to remain calm and in control when an arousing stimulus (dog or person) is present. Basically, we are retraining your dog – replacing a better habit (calmness) for a bad habit (arousal). 

This program takes time and progresses slowly in the beginning.  This is because we are trying to change your dog's behavior and keep it from falling into old behavior patterns that have become a habit, while we substitute better behavior. In order to prevent the practice of the bad behavior, you will not be taking your dog on walks in any environment that may expose your dog to the stimulus that causes the reaction. We discuss exercise options during the consultation. Cost is $1550.00 - $1750.00+ $195.00 for Initial Consultation.  

Our first  AMP consultation opening is March 2020

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