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Start a course of action, especially one that is important

Raising your new best friend is and adventure and it’s incredibly important to start the journey off on the right foot.

That is why Unleashed! offers the very best start in training & socialization for your puppy! Our EM-BARK Puppy classes are carefully designed to be the perfect foundation for your puppies’ crucial early learning. Let’s face it, we all want a social, well-trained and well-rounded canine family member. We all want a dog that we can take anywhere and will be polite and friendly to people, kids and other dogs. How do we help our dogs achieve that? The key to that is…. start early!


Most of the behavior problems we see in adult dogs could have been easily prevented by appropriate socialization, exposure, and training when the dog was a puppy. Part of our entire mission and vision is to help properly train and socialize more “generations” of puppies to become social, patient and well-behaved k9 citizens as well as helping their people know who their dog is as an individual, understand their limitations and appreciate and nurture their capabilities. Listed below are some of the areas we can help you with:


Obedience Training 
Believe it or not, obedience training is the easiest way to attain a well-trained dog. The key to an obedient dog is to get them to care about you and be happy and (ideally) excited to do what you ask them to do in any situation or environment. A good relationship based on trust & understanding is a must for good obedience. 


Patience and Impulse Control 
Two of the most helpful things a puppy can learn and will be very useful once your dog reaches adolescence and adulthood. This will help your puppy learn a variety of skills like taking treats gently or not jumping up when greeting new friends as well as remaining calm and collected when big distractions ( like dogs walking by) appear.


Core Skills
We will guide you through the basics of teaching your puppy to sit, wait, stay, down, settle, come, and start you on your way to walking nicely on leash, which requires patience on both ends of the leash. Imagine nice leisure walks with your dog or enjoying a beautiful day sitting outside a coffee shop, playing at the park or out on an off-leash beach and being confident that your dog will come back to you when you call his name. These are skills you will likely use every single day of your lives together, so let’s get them right at the very beginning!


The curriculum helps build self-control, patience, general manners, and basic commands. Puppies in this class also learn self-confidence, body awareness, how to interact with other dogs and people, learn to tolerate things such as vet/grooming handling, and LOTS more.


You will learn about exercise ideas,  how to spot signs of stress and read your dog’s body language as well as the importance of gradual exposure and proper socialization/habituation to new people, places, animals things, and much more. 


  • This class is for puppies from 9 to 16 weeks of age

  • Pups must live in their new home for at least 7 days before their first class and had their first health check by your veterinarian 

  • Pups must have at least: one set of vaccination (or an antibody titer laboratory report) and clear fecal. 

  •  You must bring a copy of current shots records to class). 

  •   Without both the vaccination record  and pre-registerstration on line, you will not be able to attend class!

  • You do not need to attend orientation before starting puppy classes!!!   


                                                                        Em-Bark puppy classes are on a drop-in basis. The cost is $30.00 per class.  



   To create an account, register for upcoming classes click calendar below

Link to class registration & current calendar 





 If you have any questions, please contact us and we’ll be glad to help you.

(If your pup is older then 17 weeks or has missed out on socialization check out our Charm School option or contact us) 


Charm School

The Canine Breakfast Club

This is a topic near and dear to our heart here at Unleashed, sometimes, life happens and your puppy gets a rough start in life, missing crucial socialization opportunities, or finding themselves in tough situations where they may have learned some naughty behaviors in order to cope. We see this all too often in our work with dogs, so we designed these one-on-one training and socialization sessions where your dog can safely learn to interact with our carefully selected and appropriate adult dogs, monitored by professional trainers. These sessions are great whether your pup is a bruiser, a wallflower or if you missed our Social Savvy classes.  
Our puppy-savvy adult dogs will help teach your pup manners, or they will draw your wallflower out of his shell and encourage him to play.  All the while you will be getting instruction on what is, and what is not, appropriate dog play.  In a controlled and friendly environment, your dog will develop important social skills to help him better communicate in the dog world, while having a great time and burning off some energy! We will also teach you to read your dog’s body language and how to spot signs of stress which will help you avoid trouble when out & about in everyday situations.    

These hour-long one-on-one sessions are for pups’ 10-weeks - 6 months of age.     

Price $90.00 for first session (then purchases a 4 pack for 320.00)


For current unleashed clients that are enrolled in Embark classes or doing private training 

$80.00 for first session 4 pack of Charm School sessions are $300.00

Call 707-763-9882 or email us today to schedule a Charm School Session

Puppy Crèche 
The Ulti-Mutt Training For Puppies

Puppy Socialization: A Risk/Reward Analysis
Robert K. Anderson, DVM, MPH, DACVPM, DACVB, was a charter diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists, as well as professor emeritus and Director of the Center to Study Human Animal Relationships and Environments, and the Animal Behavior Service and Veterinary Public Health Programs at the University of Minnesota. He received the Lifetime Achievement Awards from the ASPCA, American Humane Association, the Association of Veterinary Epidemiology and Preventative Medicine.​

Click here for more info on socialization.

Anytime you are with

your puppy,

one of you is training the other.

Lets hope it's you
doing the training.


Your puppy is the best puppy he knows how to be,


It's your job to help him become the best dog he can be.


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