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Ask The Biscuit

Dear Biscuit;

Recently my people have become more and more aggressive about sharing their toys. They tend to grab them out of my mouth while I am playing and if I try to get them to share they yell "this is not a toy that is MY sock" and then hide it in this box called a hamper.      


A Frustrated Puppy


Dear FP;

I know what you mean.  My human's used to do that to me too!  First I'd try a low growl and see if you can scare them away.  Humans are notoriously slow on the uptake and not always the best at understanding our body language so you may have to resort to showing your teeth.  If all else fails, as soon as you get something good, take it, run and hide!  

From the Unleashed! Trainers;

Does Biscuit's response sound familiar?  Is this happening in your home?  First and foremost, a couple of management rules: new puppies/dogs should be dragging a leash when you are home and they are out with you, so you can easily prevent them from running away when they find something fun, also make sure that everyone picks up their shoes and socks while puppy is in the learning stages.  Training skills that would help are "drop-it" or teaching your pup to share whatever it is he or she finds so valuable.  Approach with a tasty treat, say your pup's name, wait for their head to come off object and show them that you have something, let them smell that treat and as they let go of the item in their mouth say "drop-it" and give them that tasty treat. Sometimes you will pick up whatever it is they had in their mouth but I also just walk away leaving the thought in my pups mind that I don't want what they have (taking away it's value) and go get more treats. The beauty of having apposable thumbs is you always have access to the best stuff! Make sure to also practice drop-it with your pup's toys and then give the toy back to your pup after they "drop-it" for the treat.  You want your pup to learn that if they can have something you will give it back to them, also you don't want them to learn that you just take everything away.  Consistency and calmness will go a long way and soon your pup will gladly share anything they have with you, no growls and no teeth from either party!  

Puzzles Toys, Kongs & Treat Balls oh my...

​If you have taken a class, done a consult with us, or even just eavesdropped on one of our conversations then you have heard us mention one of the above if not all three! To us, these are staples in having a well behaved dog.  Most puppies or dogs don't come to us with impulse control and self-regulation. Dogs and puppies tend to use their energy for evil (chewing socks & underwear) and need to be taught how to focus their energy on an appropriate item and where to go to release their energy. 

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words
Each month we will add pictures that we think are helpful in learning to read dogs body language. (Or just stuff we this is funny) If you have a pic you would like us to feature send it to us @ Unleashed! Dog Training

What is Argo (pup) trying to say to Kohl (lab)? What is Kohl saying and what do you think happens next? 

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