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We are not taking any new Muttassori dogs at this time. If you would like to be put on our wait liast please email us @ Unleashed. We do have 2 openings for Pup Crèche

Refined K9 Muttassori

“The Ulti-mutt in Day School for Dogs”


Dogs arrive for Refined K9 Muttassori between 8:00 – 10:00 am and are picked up between 4:00 – 6:00 pm. Your dog will spend one-on-one time with a professional trainer, socialize with other dogs, and learn to rest calmly between activities. A day of K9 Muttassori is filled with training, problem solving, exercise and fun!


As part of our K9 Muttassori service, we assess your dog on a on-going basis and create games to help your dog learn important foundations like ‘How to Problem Solve’ and ‘Unharnessing Excessive Energy’ at an appropriate time. In addition to learning important socializing skills with both dogs & people, your dog is getting a much needed foundation to become the very best that they can be. Welcome to the Refined K9 Club!


Muttassori Activities


All dogs get a short outing as they arrive. Depending on the day, pups will get a short walk or an extra training session



One on One – Dogs receive a minimum of one training/exploration session a day. Training time will be spent working on mental stimulation, such as learning a trick, trying out our agility equipment, introduction to scent work, body awareness games, impulse control games, and basic manners such as “sit, down, polite greetings, recall and go to bed". Some dogs may just want some TLC while others may get to play a game of fetch.



Once your dog has had a behavioral assessment, your dog will be grouped with other dogs who will help him learn appropriate play style while having fun. If your dog does not play well with other dogs he will spend his socialization time one on one with our staff members & if appropriate our dog savvy dogs working on AMP.


Nap Time

All dogs get a break in between activities. This break is very important. It gives the dogs the opportunity to relax so they don’t become over excited and helps them to learn how to settle on their own.


For dogs that are cautious and fearful, we know how to expose them to different environments, dogs, people & training exercises at their pace. Once your dog has had fun while experiencing the ‘unknown’ and has had a chance to learn that he has some control over his environment, he can begin to see that new (scary) things in life can be a fun and rewarding. So you now have an option for your pup to get out and about and have help teaching him that the world is not such a scary place.

When you pick up your dog at the end of the day, you will get a brief verbal report. You may even get some homework to support the efforts we are trying to achieve for you and your dog. Some days you will get a more detailed report than others. But we are keeping track of your dog’s needs and activities and advancing them when they show us they are ready for the next step.


K9 Muttassori space is limited and must be reserved in advance.


     Before attending K9 Muttassori it is required that you come in for an assessment with your dog. Assessment may be waived on a case by case basis for current Unleashed! clients.


    Assessments are 1 hour long and offered Tuesday - Friday by appointment. We will evaluate your dog(s) to determine whether K9 Muttassori is the best option for them and answer any questions you might have. Following the assessment we will discuss how your dog did and schedule your dog for a trial day. We charge a fee of $45 for assessments.  



Pups & Dogs over 6 months

Muttassori 10 Pack


Dogs over 6 months

Muttassori 20 Pack


Dogs over 6 months

Older Hounds

$20.00 Daily Rate

Catering to the needs of your senior dog

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Pup Crèche

“Let us partner with you in raising your pup and teaching them skills that will benefit them and your family for life”


Congratulations on your new puppy! When a family acquires a new puppy, it is an exciting and busy time. Puppies are fun and a lot of work too!


Just like an infant, puppies require constant supervision so they won’t get themselves into mischief. It can be hard to adjust your daily routine to meet your puppy’s needs.  With busy schedules, pet parents do not always have the time or skills needed to stay on top of their new puppy housebreaking habits, to teach proper socialization skills and train good manners. However, these habits are critical to helping your puppy grow into a well-adjusted, happy dog and a good K9 citizen.


Unleashed! understands the limitations of a busy daily life. We also know how fun & rewarding having a new pup can be. This is why we developed Pup Crèche* an exclusive training program for puppies 8 to 23 weeks of age.



Included in Pup Crèche will be a minimum of 2 private training sessions with your puppy and our trainers each day. Sessions will include work on basic puppy manners as well as sit, down, go to bed and the beginning of coming when called & walking on leash. We will enforce polite greetings and appropriate human-dog & pup-dog interactions. You will receive our Elements handbook, one 60 minute training session each week with you, your pup and one of our trainers to go over what your pup has learned and one 60 minute in-home follow up training session as well as a 6 pack of Elements classes.



We set up a house-training schedule for your pup so they are taught to potty outside. We will give you the educational material and the encouragement that you need to continue the same routine at home. Any questions and concerns that you have are resolved on a daily basis.


The length of time it takes to house-train a young puppy varies depending on the individual pup and your compliance, so they may not be fully house-trained within these two weeks but you will be way ahead of the game! Most pups are not fully house-trained till about they are about 5-6 months old.



During the day, puppies will spend time with our qualified "Charm School Dogs"— appropriate adult dogs we've specifically chosen for this work.  As well as interactions and play with other puppies/dogs and of course a variety of humans.


Nap Time

All pups will have nap time throughout the day. These breaks are very important! It gives the pups the opportunity to relax and learn how to settle on their own.


Pup Crèche does not excuse pet parents and families from following through at home, but it will serve to make it easier for pups to learn how to learn and make life at home more enjoyable. As well as help you to get the most out of our Levels training classes.


Pup Crèche includes: 

1 one on one in-home session 

8 days of Pup Crèche (Tuesday & Thursdays)

2 training sessions a day

2 pup parent/trainer transfer sessions 

6 pack of classes



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