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Sometimes one-on-one support makes all the difference

All Consulting, Coaching and B&T programs start with an initial consultation. Consultations usually last about 90 minutes (2 hr for Behavior or aggression issues) during which we evaluate your pup, discuss your concerns and determine realistic goals for a positive outcome. We will work with you to develop a training plan for you and your pup, set up  management tools and introduce training exercises to get you on your way to a more rewarding and positive relationship with your pup. Also at this time we would make recommendations on the best way to proceed to meet your training goals. Consultations are $150.00 (195.00 for behavior or aggression issues)      BEHAVIOR PROFILE

Behavior Consulting

So your dog's not Lassie...

Not sure where to start with your training? Not sure if your pup is ready for classes? Are you seeing some behaviors that concern you? Did you just adopt a new rescue and need some guidance?

Believe it or not we have seen it all and we can help! Behavior Consultations can be conveniently scheduled to fit in with your busy life and we will work at a pace that is comfortable for you and your dog.  Due to high demand, our evening and weekend appointments are often booked 1-2 weeks in advance.        Email us now and get started.


Every dog is different and each family’s needs vary.

​Coaching is tailored to meet the individual needs of you and your canine companion and is great for any person or family who wants one-on-one attention when learning how to train their own dog. This is ideal for people who want to learn how to modify their dog's behavior or want basic training, but for whom a group class is not the most appropriate or who would like the convenience of Unleashed! coming to you.

Coaching sessions can be scheduled to fit in with your busy life and we will work at a pace that is comfortable for you and your dog.  Due to high demand, our evening and weekend appointments are often booked 1-2 weeks in advance.

Individual Sessions: $115.00
Package One: a 4-pack of one-on-one training sessions @ $100.00 each; Total cost $400.00

Package Two: a 6-pack of one-on-one training sessions @ 90.00 each; Total cost $540.00
Package Three: an 8-pack of one-on-one training sessions @ 85.00 each; Total cost $680.00​

​​Email us now and get started.

Board & Train

Training while your dog is boarded can be beneficial in many ways.

Want a highly qualified professional to train your dog?

Then our Board & Train Program (doggie boot camp) is the answer -- for the discerning owners with demanding schedules who want the ultimate in training for their new companion. Since we only take one puppy at a time, you can rest easy, knowing your loved one is getting the ultimate in personal attention. Unleashed! offers three different boarding options for all your B&T needs.

​Unleashed! B &T Program provides a fun, consistent and stimulating training experience for your dog.
In just 2 short weeks, your dog will learn these behaviors: sit, down, stay with some distractions, wait, Polite Greetings, Go To Bed, and the foundation for Loose Leash Walking and Come. Your dog will be worked on a daily basis and in a variety of places. In addition, there are 3 Instructors on staff at Unleashed! and each one will work with your dog, thereby generalizing the obedience with different people.

At Unleashed! your dog will experience extraordinary training, socialization, and be able to demonstrate his newly learned skills upon pickup. At the end of the training period, most dogs will demonstrate the expertise of dogs that attend an entire 6-8 week Levels class, and some will be beyond that level! When you arrive to pick up your dog, we will spend 90 minutes going over what you pup has learned and showing you how to follow through with all your pups new skills. 

(Some dogs may need to stay longer, if the behaviors that need focus dictate.)


Email us to get started @ Unleashed!

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