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 Training Resources


This page is still a work in progress. Some links may not be working at this time but our tech guru is working on it.

Unleashed Handouts

Local Resources 

Recommended Reading 

Tie Down 

Name Recognition  (Find It)


Somethings in life are free but I am not giving away the farm.

House Training


From Wagntrain


Quick Fix Management Tools

Play Dog Play

Emergency Vets

Pet Care

VCA Animal Care Center of Sonoma County

Midnight Walkers

Or places to walk your pup where you are less likely to run into other dogs.

Petaluma Outlet Mall

Petaluma Auto Row

Eating Together

JavAmore Cafe

Aqus Cafe

Training Articles

Ours and Their's​

Motivational Training Until. . . 

Training with a Shock Collar

Shelters & Rescue

Dog Related Stuff

Nancy Kay, DVM
Angry Vet
The Dogs

Flying Dog Press



Our Best Friends

Rivertown Feed

Dog Wise

Pet Expertise​

Pet Food Express

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