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Update March 23rd 2020

Thank you again for being a part of Unleashed ‘s Muttly Crew! 

We value your trust and consider you all part of our extended family.

I hope this message finds you as well as possible during this trying time.

We wanted to send out a quick update regarding our dog training services…

We are making an effort to maintain a balance between safety and service to our clients, especially our puppy people.  Please know that we are committed to providing you and your pups/dogs support even if it’s in a remote capacity.

Our main concern now is for the young puppies that are in their critical socialization and training period.  ​​We have personally seen how the lack of proper training and socialization during this time can have long lasting effects.  That is why I made the decision to keep running our Embark puppy classes and to offer Charm School sessions to our puppy clientele.  Our classes are already small, but we will be limiting them to only 4 dog/handler teams and we will be practicing social distance so we will work at a distance to coach you through exercises and supervise play time. All puppy parents will be able to maintain a social distance of a minimum of 6 feet.

Group Class

With all that is going on, we do feel it is best to limit the number of regular classes each week to 2 or 3 with limited number of spaces in order to be able to maintain social distance.  If you are already registered for a class you will have first choice of attending that class. But please cancel if you will not be attending to open it up for others. We are also planning on having some outside classes and adding some “one off” classes to help keep all our pups/dogs and their people busy and sane during this time.

 Nobody will lose the group class time and we will extend all class packages expiration dates.  Also, we will be spending time at the office, so we encourage people to contact us with any questions you might have regarding training. Email us at weareunleashedogtraining@gmail.com or call us at 707-763-9882. Remember all those little training sessions you’ll be able to do while you are at home will add up to an overall positive ​results​ in your pup's behavior and will make life better for both of you in the long run!

Day Training, Private Lessons and Consultations

We plan on keeping our DT, AMP, Privates Coaching sessions and consultations that are scheduled​ if they are time critical (Pups, AMP &/or aggression cases) ​ We feel it is still important to help our furry and human clients during this time. We can continue to do this safely by following good hygiene practices, limiting the number of people and will be continuing our additional cleaning protocols between every lesson. If you are already on the calendar for this month, we will be contacting you separately to confirm appointments.

Of course, if you are not feeling well, or if you would feel uncomfortable attending, please let us know so we can reschedule your appointment. Once things calm down.



Muttassori will be open a few days a week and limited hours to accommodate our clients that are still having to work for extended periods. Also we will be changing drop off & pick up procedures and will be emailing our Muttassori clients separately with updates and details. Our amazing Muttassori dog crew will help with teaching the Charm School pups how to be good k9 citizens!

 We will try to keep everybody updated but please continue to check the website and like us on Facebook for the latest info and for short training videos to help keep the home alone blues away.

Thank you for your patience and support during this crazy time

    Unleashed Dog Training and Behavior Center was founded in 2003. With over 30 years of experience helping dogs and their owners, all of our dog training experts combine extensive training with scientific knowledge, a love of animals and years of experience working with dogs.


     Unleashed! provides professional dog training services by some of the Bay Area's premiere dog trainers. Well known and respected by her peers Charlie Reinhart is often referred to by other trainers, veterinarians, humane societies and local rescue groups. 

     At Unleashed! we provide a full range of training options for all our clients training needs, including Behavior Consulting, Private Training, Board & Train, Day Training, Puppy Socialization, and Elements Obedience Classes and Muttassori "The ulti-mutt is day school for dogs"


Charlie and Virginia developed A.M.P or Arousal Management Program. A specialized program for working with and helping to solve behavior problems in dogs, including reactivity toward both dogs and people and fear and aggression issues. 

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Elements: an ongoing obedience program offering the ultimate in flexibility.

Our flexible schedule allows for you and your pup to attend classes on different days, times and even miss a week without falling behind, or attend more frequently enhancing your learning experience.

This benefits you and your pup by allowing them to learn at their own pace.

Bonus: Want to concentrate on specific behaviors; you can attend that pod multiple times


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