May 2020 Covid Update


This announcement is for starting a soft reopening of Elements & specialty classes

and an update on all other serveries.  


Group Class
We will be adding Elements & Specialty classes starting Wednesday, June 10th. 
Our building has 5000 sq ft of space so we have room for social distancing.  Our classes are already small but we will be limiting then to only 4 dog/handler teams and we will be practicing social distance so will work with you at a distance to coach you through exercises. 

If you are a current client who has attended one of people only orientation you will have first choice of attending class. But please cancel if you if you are not feeling well or if anyone you have been in contact with is not feeling well.

For new clients we will be holding people only orientation every 2 weeks with a limit of 4 spaces. 

  We will start with a limited schedule as we bring our Instructors back in waves.

 All Elements students that were in classes when SIP went into effect will have their classes extended through the end of the year. 

This is a large project that will take time to figure out.

Posted below are our guidelines for Clients

    Also, we will be spending time at the office,  so we encourage people to contact us with any questions you might have regarding training.

Email us at or call us at 707-763-9882.

Day Training, Private Lessons and Consultations

We woll start adding DT, AMP, Privates Coaching sessions and consultations on a limited basis June 10 focusing in session that are time critical (Pups, AMP &/or aggression cases).

​ We feel it is still important to help our furry and human clients during this time. We can continue to do this safely by following good hygiene practices, limiting the number of people and will be continuing our additional cleaning protocols between every lesson.

If you are already on the calendar for this month, we will be contacting you separately to confirm appointments.

Of course, if you are not feeling well, or if you would feel uncomfortable attending, please let us know so we can reschedule your appointment.


Muttassori will be open a few days a week and limited hours to accommodate our clients that are still having to work for extended periods.   Also we will be changing drop off & pick up procedures and will be emailing our Muttassori clients separately with updates and details. Our amazing Muttassori dog crew will help with teaching the Charm School pups how to be good k9 citizens!

Social Distancing Guidelines 
Guidelines for Clients
1.    All clients must wear a face mask. Face masks must be on when they come into the room & stay on unless otherwise instructed.  If you need a break from wearing your face mask, please step outside.  

2.    Please limited the # of people coming to class to 2 people per dog.

If you would like their whole family to get training, please switch to private lessons or alternate who comes to class.

3.    Please maintain 10 feet apart, even if they know each other. 

4.    Social distancing guidelines are applicable to the play yard so please maintain 6 feet

while waiting to enter building & during puppy play time.

5.    Hand sanitizer will be readily available at the entry/exit of the room for clients to use when coming in and when leaving.

6.    If you are not feeling well or have been in contact with anyone who is not feeling well please stay home

Guidelines for Instructors
1.    Instructors are required to wear masks in the training center if other clients are in the room. If you can maintain a distance of 10 feet when going over exercises you may remove mask but ask clients first if they are comfortable with this.

2.    For obedience classes, on day 1, the instructor will sanitize their hands and remember to wear gloves when handling leashes or handing out treats.  

4.    Gloves will be available for any instructor at any time

Post Class or Post Private Lesson Sanitizing
.    Spray bleach on all chairs and wipe down 
2.    Spray bleach on all barriers and wipe down 
3.    Spray rescue on a towel and wipe down treat jars
4.    If a client used the restroom, spray bleach on a towel and wipe down the door handles and sink handles
5.    Spray rescue on a towel and wipe down the gate