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    Unleashed Dog Training and Behavior Center was founded in 2003. With over 30 years of experience helping dogs and their owners, all of our dog training experts combine extensive training with scientific knowledge, a love of animals and years of experience working with dogs.
     Unleashed! provides professional dog training services by some of the Bay Area's premiere dog trainers. Well known and respected by her peers Charlie Reinhart is often referred to by other trainers, veterinarians, humane societies and local rescue groups. 

     At Unleashed! we provide a full range of training options for all our clients training needs, including Behavior Consulting, Private Training, Board & Train, Day Training, Puppy Socialization, and Elements Obedience Classes and Muttassori "The ulti-mutt is day school for dogs"
Charlie and Virginia developed A.M.P or Arousal Management Program. A specialized program for working with and helping to solve behavior problems in dogs, including reactivity toward both dogs and people and fear and aggression issues. 




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“Let us do the training” Unleashed! trainers work one on one with your dog building their obedience and realizing your goals for your dog. 



Is walking your dog a nightmare? 

Do you dread picking up the leash?

We can help!

Our intensive AMP program is designed for you, whether your dog is reactive or fearful with dogs or people.



Ongoing obedience program offering the ultimate in flexibility for pups & dogs over 4 months.
Start by attended one of our People Only Orientations

People Only Orientations
January 2023

To help get you through the holidays & keep you and your pups in the obedience groove check out our current calendar for specialty workshops/classes

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Behavior issues often require more personalized and specific information than can be provided in a group class. We have the experience to help you with a wide range of behavior challenges including: 

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It's official Unleashed has left the building!

Update October 2021

Yes, we are still training!

As I sit here and reflect on all the happy memories that we have made here at the building on 2nd Street,

 it becomes clear to me that Unleashed is really about all the relationships that we have built over 20 years with you and your pups, our muttly crew, and not necessarily about the space we have occupied. 


There have been so many changes over the last couple years, and with that comes

a new direction for Unleashed dog training. 


Over the next year, we will be focusing on doing more with less and this begins with letting go of our building. 


This change will allow us to be more flexible, streamlined and it will help us provide

a better service to you, your pups and our K9 community. 


Rest assured, you will have the same great experience you have come to expect,with all our services

but with a greater focus on you and your pups as individuals. 

Additionally, we will be adding more real world training options and

adventure outings for both clients and their pups!


Over the past 30+ years, Unleashed has been an innovator in dog training. AMP, Muttassori and Puppy Crèche

are just a few of the exciting things we plan to expand over the next year.


Stay tuned for new programs and opportunities starting January 2022.


If you have any questions please call 707-763-9882 or email Unleashed


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Petaluma, CA