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The Good Kind of Naughty

Start training now. Before your pup develops any bad habits!

    Unleashed Dog Training and Behavior Center was founded in 2003. With over 30 years of experience helping dogs and their owners, all of our dog training experts combine extensive training with scientific knowledge, a love of animals and years of experience working with dogs.
     Unleashed! provides professional dog training services by some of the Bay Area's premiere dog trainers.
Well known and respected by her peers Charlie Reinhart is often referred to by other trainers, veterinarians, humane societies and local rescue groups. 

     At Unleashed! we provide a full range of training options for all our clients training needs, including Behavior Consulting, Private Training, Board & Train, Day Training, Puppy Socialization, and Elements Obedience Classes and Muttassori "The ulti-mutt is day school for dogs"
Charlie developed A.M.P or Arousal Management Program. A specialized program for working with and helping to solve behavior problems in dogs, including reactivity toward both dogs and people and fear and aggression issues. 



We train dogs and the people who love them!

All Things Puppy

Start a course of action, especially one that is important

Raising your new best friend is an adventure and it’s incredibly important to start the journey off on the right foot.

That is why Unleashed! offers the very best start in training & socialization for your puppy!

Our EM-BARK Puppy classes, Puppy Crèche and Charm School are carefully designed to be the perfect foundation for your puppies’ crucial early learning.

Let’s face it, we all want a social, well-trained and well-rounded canine family member.

Day Training

Day Training means we do heavy lifting!


Each week one of our professional trainers will work with your dog building their obedience and teaching life skills while also providing mental enrichment! Then we teach you how to maintain the skills and how to understand your dog's behaviors.  

HAT Class


The rudiments of a branch of knowledge

Ongoing obedience Classes offering the ultimate in flexibility


Classes are open for 2024.

Start anytime after attending one of our people only orientation 

Check out the calendar link below for Elements classes dates & times

 and all our specialty workshop & classes


Arousal Management Program

Is walking your dog a nightmare? 

Do you dread picking up the leash?

Is you pup not happy about other dogs or people?

We can help!

A.M.P.  ia a specialized program for working with and helping to solve behavior problems in dogs, including reactivity, fear and aggression issues toward dogs and/or people

Dini & Humbolt What R u looking at_edited.jpg
The Baby Biscuit


Personalized one-on-one training 

Behavior issues often require more specific information than can be provided in a group class. Or maybe one on one session are more to your liking.

We have the experience to help you with a wide range of behavior challenges including:  


​     Housetraining     Puppy Challenges     Excessive Barking   ​

      Shy or Fearful Behavior    

Board & Train

Want a highly qualified professional to train your dog?

​Then our Board & Train Program (doggie boot camp) is the answer -- Unleashe's B&T program is for the discerning owners with demanding schedules who want the ultimate in training for their new companion. Since we only take one puppy at a time, you can rest easy, knowing your loved one is getting the ultimate in personal attention. 

Shawna's Crew (Woody, Bodhi, Gus & Clyde)

Unleashed Vacation

 February 16th - February 20th

March 9th - 13th

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